Many fans who watch their favorite sport appreciate the athletes they see for the talent that is displayed. While they have obviously worked long and hard to hone their crafts, it’s not the only thing they’re capable of.

Many stars you watch are very intelligent and well-educated in many different fields. One famous example is Ronnie Coleman, the eight-time Mr. Olympia who graduated with an accounting degree with honors. While he never used the degree, he reportedly was very good with numbers. When he wasn’t yelling “lightweight” at a barbell with 800 solid-ass pounds on it, Coleman was also a police officer.  

“The King” isn’t the only champion that shows that education matters. Here are 10 sports greats that have excelled on the field and in school.

Making the Fit Choice as a College Student

Making the Fit Choice as a College Student

Prioritizing and planning are key.

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