8 of 'The Mountain’s' Manliest Moments on Instagram

If you’re ever low on motivation, just head to Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson's Instagram page for some good energy.

Thor Bjornsson Flexes Bicep
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The lat pulldown. It's a favorite among lifters at all levels due to its effectiveness and targeting the all-important latissimus muscles. 

So it's no surprise then that strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson can be seen knocking out a few reps at the gym. What does cause us to do a double take, however, is the unorthodox position he uses to perform the popular lat-building exercise. In this video posted on Björnsson's Instagram page, you'll see "Thor" forgoing the machine's seat, and parking his rear on the floor. Thor sums it up best in just a few words:

"Story of my life... #TooBig."

Story of my life... #TooBig

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However, big does have its advantages as well, especially when trying to lift heavy weights in an attempt to earn the top spot at the Arnold Pro Strongman competition. Here are a few of Björnsson's herculean efforts to move a massive amount of weight.

First time training Circus Dumbbell in over 6 months I believe! Here's my 5 set for 4 reps with 105kg!

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