Alementary Brewing Company in Hackensack, New Jersey, just unveiled its new Jean-Claude Van Damme-inspired beer, simply called Van Damme. You can check out their Instagram post announcing the new arrival here.

For those who know their action movie history (as embarrassing as it may be), the caption is full of side-splitting JCVD references (even Timecop gets a mention…despite being…well, you know…Timecop). How many of these have you seen? 

“New this week, our tribute to the Muscles from Brussels… The one… The only… Van Damme!! We’ve brewed this Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale, dry hopped with Hallertau Herkules hops as both a Street Fighter and a Kickboxer. With a Lionheart to hit any Hard Target, this Universal Soldier accepts No Retreat, No Surrender. We’ve taken Maximum Risk to brew this beer, forged in the Inferno and made sure it doesn’t get Derailed on it’s way from our brewhouse to your fridge. Ummm uhhhhh….Timecop”

JCVD has yet to comment on his new namesake beer, but we are sure he will be excited when he sees it—just look at how excited he gets drinking coffee over on Instagram.

If you’re looking to get some Jean-Claude Van Damme beer for yourself, head over to Alementary Brewery’s website here for more information.