Brandon Curry won the USA Championship back in 2008, but it would be a while before his star would rise to elite status. In 2017, he surprised many when he placed in the Top 10 at that year’s Mr. Olympia. In 2018, he elevated himself to 5th place and was getting a lot more attention than he was used to.

2019 has been the biggest year for him so far thanks to his big win at the Arnold Classic, which was his sixth pro victory. The number he is thinking about these days is 15, because if he wins this year’s Olympia in Las Vegas, he would be the 15th man in history to call himself Mr. Olympia.

If you follow him on Instagram, then you know that he has more going on than training. He also travels for business, does guest posings, and is also a family man. He shares a lot of his life with his 350,000 plus followers and it’s easy to see why they are such big fans of him.

Check out a few highlights from his feed and watch for him this coming September when he attempts to make bodybuilding history.



Former three-sport star Brandon Curry approaches his arm training the same way he does everything &#...

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