What’s the longest you’re able to hold your plank? Two minutes? Four minutes? Ten minutes? Not too shabby. Now imagine adding an additional 8 hours to that time. Yes, HOURS! Hard to believe anyone can hold this gut-wrenching move for that long of a duration, but that’s exactly what Mao Weidong did a few days ago in Beijing, China. 

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In a competition to see who can hold the longest plank, Weidong outlasted the previous world record holder George Hood, who was also competing at the event. And while Hood held his plank for a stunning seven hours, it wasn’t nearly enough to match Mao’s eight-hour miraculous achievement.

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So what did Mao do after finally breaking out of his plank? He knocked out a few pushups of course. Check out the amazing feat of core strength displayed by both men in the video below.