The MLB All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game featured a lot of famous faces, including Terry Crews. The actor and former NFL linebacker hit the field shirtless, showing off his ripped physique and making his pecs dance as he approached the plate.

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Apparently, softball is not his game. Although he struck out, leading to a lot of lighthearted joking on social media, the star took it all in stride and took to his own social media to let fans know that he is nowhere near embarassed about his batting blunder.

On his Twitter, he shared that he is “un-embarrassable” after another user took a dig at the star’s performance. Another user tweeted that while Crews isn’t great at softball, his pec dance is pretty impressive.

Clearly, Crews has no time for haters or negativity. When you’re that jacked, a few jokes about your softball skill shouldn’t bring you down.

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