Jeremiah Peterson had let fitness fall to the wayside before a hiking trip with his three kids served as a wakeup call. The then 40-year-old Montana dad couldn’t keep up with his children, who were all less than 10 years old, according to ABC News. So he made a vow to get healthier for his family, and in just six months he lost 92 pounds and earned himself a chiseled physique.

Peterson, who now goes by the name The Keto Fitness Coach on Instagram, won a weight-loss transformation competition thanks to his efforts and credits daily exercise and the trendy keto diet with his transformation. These days, he helps others lose weight through his online coaching services.

On his Instagram page, Peterson constantly provides his clients and followers with motivation, posting before and after photos to remind them that we all have to start somewhere. He’s also made it clear in at least one post that he’s not the type of guy who spends all day in the gym and forgets about his family or work while on his journey to get fitter.

His photos and videos also serve as reminders that there’s always time to improve your health. His true motivation to lose weight was staying healthy for his family, and he makes it clear that they’re his top priority.

If you’re looking for a little motivation to get through the week, check out our roundup of some of his most inspiring posts on Instagram.