It’s common for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to be busy, but it appears he’s been busier than ever in recent weeks. Over the last few days alone, the most electrifying man in entertainment made a brief return to the WWE on a recent episode of Smackdown, showed up in Boulder, Colorado for two show appearances, and he’s been working on numerous business ventures.

As crazy as Johnson’s schedule is, he always makes time to train. All of his posts from the “Iron Paradise” are well received by the millions…and millions of fans and followers around the world. They also serve as reminders that if one of the busiest people on the planet can get it in, you can too.

What some of his followers may not realize is that while the former WWE champion is putting in the reps and sweat equity, he isn’t approaching his fitness alone. Even as knowledgeable as Johnson is about working out, he works with a coach, Dave Rienzi. It’s Rienzi’s job to help Johnson train to achieve certain looks for movie roles or simply stay in shape while taking on numerous projects at once.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is always a number-one priority, and fitness routines anchor and support the rest of life’s activities. It’s a mindset,” Rienzi explained. He helps Johnson set up his workouts as well as his nutrition plans, and while that may appear to be complex, it’s actually a matter of creating something that can be followed consistently, which is what Rienzi feels matters most.

Rienzi said, “Consistency with diet is huge, and a meal plan is the best way to take results to the next level and set the stage for true transformation. The diet varies from role to role whether the goal is to build muscle mass or get lean, understanding what foods & macros work best for the body is a crucial component to the success.”

The Rock training with Dave Rienzi
Courtesy of ZOA Energy

Whether it’s doing fasted cardio on the Stairmaster or elliptical (Johnson calls his Big Bertha) for Black Adam or adding calories to help him build muscle for a photo shoot, Rienzi can pivot and adjust the plan so all Johnson has to do is follow it.

“Having consistency in fitness routine execution allows for the opportunity to do everything else at the highest level, and that just comes down to developing training programs that are efficient, consistent, and smartly tailored to goals.”

That all reads as if it would be simple, but how can one focus on working out and following a set tempo when all these other things are tugging at you? Like Johnson’s training, he doesn’t go about business alone, which is why he leans on business partner, and former wife) Dany Garcia. Garcia has her own hectic schedule with running Seven Bucks Productions and owner of the XFL, but like Johnson, the IFBB Pro has a methodical approach to her success.

“I’m methodical with my mornings,” Garcia shared. “The first thing I do is check my Oura ring to see how I slept. After that, I like to weigh myself to add to the information input. Weight is not the end all or be all but it does help to provide me with more data.”

She then takes around a half-hour to center herself before going into her own fasted cardio sessions to begin her day. She and Rienzi, who are married, then take on the tasks of the day.

“I specifically schedule my days to begin appointments or scheduled zooms an hour after my training session ends. My team and I commit to this schedule as much as possible regardless of the coast or city I’m working in.”

While you see “The Rock” making an Instagram post or sharing words of inspiration to the followers, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you realize. Even while he was the set of ESPN College Gameday recently, Johnson, Rienzi, and Garcia were preparing for the launch of their next step for their ZOA Energy brand, ZOA+ preworkout powder. As is the case with all their interests, they find ways to create something themselves that will help their supporters and disrupt the industry they are entering. Now, their focus is on the supplement industry.

“What truly sets ZOA+ Powder apart is its hand-picked ingredients and formula. Similar to my philosophy to diet in general – make what you put into your body work for you,” Garcia shared. Rienzi had a large part in creating the formula that will help promote pump, endurance, mental support, energy from natural sources, and hydration.

“Our whole founding team uses these products day in and day out, that might be ZOA’s greatest testament.”

ZOA+ Preworkout powder officially launched on Sept. 18, and you can order it on Amazon as well as on While Johnson, Rienzi, and Garcia all feel this step into the supplement industry will be a successful one, they hope it leads to something successful for their supporters and ZOA Warriors. They also advise that they should focus on themselves more than what others are doing. Training like a celebrity can be great, but following your passion and finding your best path is best, according to Garcia.

“Do not apply your goals to what other people are doing —avoid the comparison trap. Mindset is massive.”