Eddie Hall is undoubtedly one of the most powerful human beings alive, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to work on his body. The 2017 World’s Strongest Man has been on a crusade to lean out. After winning the competition back in 2017, “The Beast” hinted at the idea of retiring at the top, then proceeded to lose 60 pounds over the next nine months with a mix of boxing, cycling, HIIT, swimming, and proper diet. 

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Today, the U.K. native is even more motivated to drop the weight as he preps for his new show, Eddie Eats America. A strongman version of a traveling eating show, it will feature Hall devouring gargantuan eats across the country.

“It’s a bit like Man v. Food … with a bit of travel show, a bit of culture, a bit of strongman, and a lot of eating,” said Hall in a recent YouTube video. He said he’s also been doing a lot of training on how to volume eat, speed eat, and eat spicy foods for the show, which starts filming at the end of April.

To make sure his body is craving all the food on the show, Hall is undergoing another body transition. At the beginning of April, he started a two and a half week challenge to lose an additional 20 pounds, and said he’ll continue training while filming to avoid gaining the weight back. Back in his prime strongman days, Hall said he weighed in at 196kg (432 pounds). He currently weighs 168.5 kg (371 pounds) and is shooting to drop to 161kg (approximately 355 pounds), or possibly lower, in time for filming.

“It’s going to be a challenge for me mentally, physically, but it’s gonna be fun, and I hope you guys enjoy it,” said Hall. He’s currently detailing the weight-loss challenge on his YouTube page. 

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