With the popularity of Instagram, a number of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have built excellent brands based on their miraculous physiques. However, with that accessibility it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. That being said, it’s time to give Indian bodybuilder Yatinder Singh some time to shine. 

Singh took an interest in bodybuilding early on and adopted the lifestyle to craft a body that looks like it was chiseled out of marble. According to his website, he got his start in 2003 with a “personal training job at a gym as a floor trainer and trained several individuals in bodybuilding and personal training programs.” After honing his craft, decided to try his hand at bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Several years later, he’s earned himself a handful of accolades. His Instagram lists him as the winner of Mr. World 2015 and Mr. Asia 2018. 

With his foundation in personal training, Singh is in the process of partnering with AimFit Gym to bring a high-level training facility to Gurgaon, Haryana, India. 

Singh is clearly an emerging name in bodybuilding, and you should be paying close attention. Check out some of his most intense Instagram moments below.

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