Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has become almost as famous for his humungous cheat meals as he is for winning the WWE Championship and subsequently taking Hollywood by storm, but in a recent Instagram post, it appears that ‘The Great One’ is evolving with his fun food choices, hopping aboard the Rock’s sushi train.

“The sushi train is leaving the station. Look at this. Good God almighty,” said The Rock, as he presented his plate to the camera. “As you can see, I am prepared and I am ready to go with my sushi train on a Saturday night. This is, as many you can probably recognize; this is a Rainbow Roll, I only mess with Rainbow Roll’s, I love rolls, specifically Rainbow Roll’s, and of course we’ve got a little salmon nigiri, we’ve got the ginger, everything is ready to go. I got the wasabi, little bit of soy sauce; light sodium, cuz I’m that guy, even with cheat meals I try to watch my sodium intake.” DJ is known for filling his plate to the brim for his legendary cheat meals, but opting for sushi appears to be a step-up from those towering stacks of waffles that he is often seen chowing down on, because when it comes to building muscle, waffles are no match for sea food.

The Rock’s Sushi Train Include Rainbow Rolls For a Protein Punch

The Rainbow Roll is a modern American favorite consisting of crab meat, avocado, and cucumber, with a topping of tuna, shrimp, or some other fresh fish.  On average, each roll contains 33g of protein, making it an awesome food for bodybuilders. Just remember that each roll also includes 50 grams of carbs and 16 grams of fat. They weigh in at approximately 475 calories each, and there appeared to be more than a dozen on The Rock’s crockery, but then he did say it was a cheat meal! As if all that wasn’t enough for the movie giant, Johnson’s plate also comprised Salmon Nigrini for an additional 13 or so grams of protein per piece.

Some sea foods, and particularly salmon, provide an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin B, and omega-3 — a solid combination for increasing testosterone levels. Fresh ingredients like ginger, avocado, and cucumber also provide antioxidants to aid with recovery. “Enjoy your weekends, enjoy your cheat meals, go do some fun s**t,” encouraged ‘The People Champion’ after chugging down one of his cold Teremana tequilas. “You’ve earned it. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself.”

Before he switched off his camera, Johnson told one of his trademark dirty jokes and signed off by wishing his followers well. “I’m gonna toast you guys before I devour this amazing sushi train,” he said.

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