When 28-year-old Alastair Wilson decided to turn his physique from soft to shredded he sought the help of a unique sponsor to help him achieve his body transformation goals. “Usually bodybuilders get sponsored by supplement companies who produce protein powders and meal replacement shakes, said the father-of-two, from Lanark, Scotland. Wilson took a different path to satisfy his protein needs — one that led him to a local butcher shop, which was well equipped to supply the new bodybuilder with all the protein his body demands.

According to The Mirror, Wilson will consume an average of six egg whites, 400 grams of steak, 400 grams of fish and 600 grams of chicken per day, so having a butcher in his corner is just what he needed to pack on the muscle mass without going broke. “It would be quite expensive if you went to the supermarket all the time, said Wilson. “So I was looking for a butcher who would help me with good cuts of meat. Alan Eliot Butchers effectively gives me meat at a reduced price. It’s a big help.” In return for all the protein, Wilson proudly displays his sponsor’s logo on his training apparel and competition merchandise.

The pairing has been a huge success as Wilson continues to make incredible strides on his bodybuilding journey and his sponsor continues to reap the rewards of his success along the way. Check out these transformation pics to see just how far the fitness buff has come.

https://www.instagram.com/p/6LCJqUMhDK/ Here’s Wilson posing with Choon Tan, Britain’s smallest bodybuilder and viral fitness sensation.