'The Rock' Catches Up with Cancer Survivor

Dwayne Johnson runs into the inspirational kid who had more good news to share.

This past Easter The Rock shared an inspirational story about crossing paths with Nick Miller, a young man who was battling cancer and found strength through Johnson's positive, no-quit, approach to life. Miller, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, told The Rock that he was his inspiration to beat the cancer.

No doubt, it was a memorable story, but it didn't end there. Earlier today, The Rock once again ran into Nick who had some even better news to share. Turns out, the kid's initial meeting with Johnson has led to some life-altering events, including several speaking engagements at various schools. And to top things off, Nick told The Rock he's been officially cancer free for two years.

Just goes to show you what good can come if you're willing to fight for yourself. And of course it doesn't hurt to get some extra inspiration from The Rock. Check out Johnson's take on the latest interaction in his Instagram post below.

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And here's the original Instagram post from The Rock's first encounter with Nick.

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