Admit it, whenever you see the training montage from the original Rocky movie, you get pumped to work out. For some reason, the musical score combined with the weightlifting, stair-climbing and chicken chasing just inspires every red-blooded man to get out there and train his ass off. Turns out you don’t even need to be a full grown man. 

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As demonstrated in the video above, even a toddler in diapers can get swept into the euphoria of a Rocky training session. Clearly, this little guy is up for the challenge as he mimics all of The Italian Stallion’s most memorable moves. From one-arm pushups to working the speed bag this kid is determined to keep up with Balboa. 

Who knows where all this will lead? Maybe a role in a future Rocky flick. Right now, he’s just one badass baby who’s sure to get plenty of respect at the neighborhood playground.