Sylvester Stallone Stands Firmly in the Eagles' Corner for Super Bowl LII

The long-time Philly fan took to Instagram to show some "brotherly love" for his favorite team.

Sylvester Stallone wearing Philadelphia Eagles Football Jersey
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It's the birthplace of Rocky Balboa—the place where he hit the city streets and raced up those iconic museum steps to train for a fight that would make movie history. Throw in the fact that the highly inspirational theme song to that 1977 classic was titled Gonna Fly Now, and it's easy to see why Sylvester Stallone is going all in on the Philadelphia Eagles to win this year's Super Bowl.

Once the Eagles trounced the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game to earn a spot in Super Bowl LII, Stallone took to Instagram to make it crystal clear where his allegiance stands for this year's big game against the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots.

Check out the creative photoshops of some classic images from both movies and sports.

Here's one in which the action star strong-armed his way to a championship, now hoping the Eagles can do the same.

And, of course, there's the unforgettable photo of Muhammad Ali standing over the KO'd Sonny Liston. 

“The bigger they are the harder they fall!” #FlyEaglesFly

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Here, Sly urges the Eagles to hang on, just like he did to Thunderlips, aka Hulk Hogan in Rocky III.

Hang on EAGLES you can do it !!! #agentnickyc

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The money may be on the Pats to win, but be wary going against the underdog.

Stallone is clearly looking for the Eagles to soar this Sunday.

The City of Brotherly Love is gearing up for its long-awaited first Super Bowl title.

Finally, Stallone sums up why he loves the "Birds" and why he never went pro.

Super Bowl LII is this Sunday, February 4, at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC.