In what might be a first in outlandish press-conference antics, two talented female boxers locked lips for a brief second as they were up in each other’s grills during a very intimate face-off. However, as you can see in the video, this was not a mutual act of love.

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Clearly, it was the Swede who initiated the kiss before the stunned 36-year-old Norwegian champ had time to pull away. And while Cecilia Braekhus was definitely caught off-guard by the brazen act, she soon took it all in stride. “I haven’t got that in a while,” she joked after the lip-lock, even thanking Mikaela Laurén for giving her some sugar.

It’s doubtful this highly unorthodox pre-fight gesture would have gotten the same response if performed at the May-Mac press conference, but it definitely made a splash with those looking forward to the fight between Swedish boxer Laurén and undefeated welterweight champ Braekhus.

Whether or not this girl-on-girl action will generate more interest in the actual fight is yet to be determined, but at this point, no one’s complaining.

To see more physical contact between the two fit women, watch the fighters square off in the ring on Saturday, October 21.


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