Who doesn’t want a Norse god-like physique? So it’s understandable why YouTuber Erik Conover would wanna train like Chris Hemsworth. Thor’s jacked! But after catching the Aussie A-lister’s attention on social, Conover got a chance to work out with Hemsworth himself.

Back up to when Conover, while on vacation in the Philippines with his girlfriend, got so sick from food poisoning he landed in the hospital for a week and lost 15 pounds. When Conover decided to whip himself back into shape, he downloaded Centr—Chris Hemsworth’s new fitness app that offers workouts, meal plans, and meditation exercises from the actor’s inner circle of experts. These include wife Elsa Pataky, special ops trainer Joseph “Da Rulk” Sakoda, and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

A month into the program, Conover was so amazed with his results that he posted his progress on his YouTube channel. The video went viral (over 5 million views) and somehow made its way to Chris Hemsworth. And because Hemsworth is a real-life superhero, he replied with a video message of his own: “Erik, what’s up mate, it’s Chris Hemsworth here. I saw your transformation, buddy. I’m in New York for a premiere and thought, you know what—we should have a workout.”

True to his word, Hemsworth hooked up with Convoer on Day 60 for a “short but efficient” circuit that had the duo dripping in sweat. Their workout: 

  • 1-minute warmup run
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Reverse lunge into explosive press
  • Sit-through
  • Hostage pulse
  • Dumbbell deadlift curl press
  • Bear crawl
  • Bentover row
  • Triceps extension

Conover and Hemsworth performed the circuit four times with a 2-minute rest in between. Motivated by his training sesh with Thor, Conover continued to mix up his routine with high-intensity training, kettlebells, and jump rope. By day 90, Conover was actually at his heaviest—213 pounds of pure muscle.

Erik Conover