When it comes to pumping iron, we understand that guys like to walk the line a bit between being a private gym rat and embracing a little bit of that public persona. We all know what it takes to get in a good workout—and so do you—but sometimes the rest of the dudes at the gym seem to miss the so-called “common sense” rules of hitting the weights.

So, for a crucial man-to-man primer on the pillars of gym life—man laws, if you will—we asked none other than one of the biggest, most experienced gym rats of all time: John Cena, 16-time WWE champion and chief American exporter of Attitude Adjustments.

Cena might play a tough guy in the ring, but he’s also one in real-life and nowhere is that more apparent than in the gym. The 43-year-old wrestler and movie star has hit a 611-pound squat, 463-pound bench press, 650-pound deadlift, 353-pound power clean, and 305-pound snatch.

Just a reminder that he doesn’t lift for a living, but those PR’s have certainly helped him in lifting big men like the Big Show and The Great Khali during his many epic matches in the squared circle. Talk about Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.

We mention all of that to show you why Cena’s the best man to go to for gym advice. Sure, he’s no Mr. Olympia but the Doctor of Thuganomics knows his way around the weight room better than most.

Here, the All-American icon dishes on his five most absolute, fundamental gym commandments.

The John Cena Workout

The John Cena Workout

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