The kitchen is the most occupied room year-round, never mind during the holidays. So, what better time than now to make sure your kitchen gadgets are up to date?

From bread makers to steam sanitizers, this kitchen gadget guide will make Holiday cooking (and kitchen cleaning) a walk in the park!

Joseph Joseph Scoop and Pick Jar Spoon and Fork Set copy

Joseph Joseph Scoop and Pick Fork and Spoon Set

Ideal for removing olives, capers, and pickles from jars, this useful kitchen tool hosts a long-handled slotted spoon ideal for scooping and draining from tall jars.

Buy it: $9.45 at Amazon

OXO-Good-Grips-Prep-Cutting copy

XOX Utility & Prep Cutting Board

Constructed with non-slip edges to keep your chopping space in place, this lightweight cutting board contains juice grooves to help contain liquid, is dishwasher safe, and is designed to save kitchen space.

Buy it: $12.99-$18.99, at The Container Store

Proctor Silex Immersion Blender copy

Proctor Silex Electric Emersion Hand Blender

This versatile and multifunctional hand blender mixes, purees, whips, and blends right in the cooking pots, bowls, and other containers — no need to transfer food to a blender to mix — which means fewer dishes to clean. The turbo speed offers more power while the low setting is ideal for delicate foods, and the extra-long 5-foot cord means you can reach on the countertop or table.

Buy it: $17, at Amazon

EVO Oil Spray

EVO Oil Sprayer

Evenly coat your cooking pans and meat without adding too much oil. This reusable sprayer uses no aerosol, propellants, or chemicals and comes with a funnel for easy refilling.

Buy it: $19, at Wal Mart

Proctor Coffee Grinder copy

Proctor Silex Sound Sheild Coffee Grinder

No need to wake the entire house up when grinding your coffee in the morning. Designed with sound shield technology, this unit is 50 percent quieter than your average coffee grinder and provides enough coffee grounds to brew 12 cups of coffee.

Buy it: $20, at Amazon

sur La Table Meat Thermometer
sur La Table

Sur La Table Folding Meat Thermometer

Never undercook your meat again, especially when cooking for your family and friends during the Holidays. This fold-up thermometer is a digital, quick read with a thin tip for instant, accurate measurement.

Buy it: $20 at Sur La Table

OXO Food Chopper copy

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Chopper

With a simple pumping motion, you will have evenly chopped vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs helping you save time during meal prep.

Buy it: $23, at Crate & Barrel

Proctor Silex Alex_s Lemonade Electric Juicer copy

Proctor Silex Alex’s Lemonade Stand Juicer

Perfect for Holiday drinks, this is hands down the best citrus juicer for grabbing the delicious flavors and juices out of your favorite citrus fruits. Bonus: One dollar of your purchase goes directly to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for childhood cancer research.

Buy it: $23 at Amazon

Proctor Silex toaster copy

Proctor Silex 2-Slice Toaster

This 2-slice toaster has extra wide slots, perfect for toasting bagels or thicker breads to perfection. Adjust the shade selector to make 7 custom shades of lighter or darker toast. When not in use, the built-in cord wrap in the base of the toaster makes it easy to store the toaster neatly.

Buy it: $24, at Amazon

Electric Potato Fruit Peeler copy

Electric Fruit and Potato Peeler

Perfect for clean eaters, this unit peels all of your favorite fruits and vegetables easily; saving you time and work. Simply secure the food in the unit and go!

Buy it: $25 at Amazon

Epare salt grinder

Epare Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder

Grinder Design: This salt and pepper grinder combo is a space-saving device. This pepper grinder mill doesn’t just look great, it’s the real deal. It’s right at home grinding seasonings at the kitchen table or even in a restaurant setting.

Buy it: $25, at

Hamiton Beach Breakfast Sandwish maker copy
Hamiton Beach

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Skip the drive-thru and customize your breakfast with your favorite fresh ingredients; A perfect way to utilize leftover Holiday foods.

Buy it: $30 at Amazon

Crate and Barrel holiday-tree-oven-to-table-casserole-dish-with-wood-trivet copy
Crate and Barrel

Christmas Tree Oven-to-Table Casserole Dish

Perfect for Holiday parties, you can give your casserole, dips, and potato dishes a festive twist!

Buy it: $40, at Crate & Barrel

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer copy
Hamiton Beach

Hamilton Beach Magnolia Bakery Hand Mixer

Perfect for those who don’t have the storage space for a stand mixer, this iconic vintage-style hand mixer boasts 5-speeds, a snap-on attachment case, and SlowStart technology to reduce messy, Holiday baking splatters.

Buy it: $40 at Amazon


Clorox Electric Steam Sanitizer copy

Clorox Two-Tier Steam Sanitizer

The Clorox 2-Tier Steam Sanitizer kills 99.999% of bacteria in minutes, is faster, and uses less water than a dishwasher cycle. This steamer is time-saving and convenient and can be kept on the countertop to sanitize kitchen sponges, dishcloths, brushes, reusable water bottles, kitchen utensils, and more.

Buy it: $50, at Amazon

Proctor Electric Tea Kettle copy


Proctor Silex Retro Electric Tea Kettle

Buy it: $50, at Amazon

Make yourself a cup of tea or a hot beverage without the long wait — perfect for hectic mornings or any time you need hot water quickly. The kettle has an easy-to-read 32° to 212° F temperature gauge on the stainless-steel electric tea kettle makes it easy for you to monitor the water’s temperature until it is perfect for your tea or beverage with an auto shut off when it hits boiling.

VEKAYA Mandoline Food Slicer


VEKAYA Mandoline Slicer

Evenly slice your favorite vegetables while choosing the width of each slice in this top-quality stainless-steel unit. Designed with food-grade blades and equipped with safety gloves to protect your hands, this unit folds for easy storage.

Buy it: $50, at Amazon

kitchenaid-7-cup-food-processor-matte-black copy


KitchenAid Matte Black 7-Cup Food Processor

Perfect for shredding, slicing, and pureeing, this easy-to-use food processor is a great way to make holiday dips, dressings, and sauces.

Buy it: $80 at Crate & Barrel

Clorox HEPA air Purifier copy

Clorox Medium Room HEPA Air Purifier

Buy it: $99 and up at Amazon

Sometimes kitchen smells can become a bit intense, like when frying bacon, baking fish, or when something burns. This unit contains 3-stage 360-degree HEPA filtration catching large dust particles, pet hair, and 99 percent of allergens, particulates, bacteria, and viruses while making your home smell fresh and clean.

Neretva Bread Maker Machine copy


Neretva Bread Maker Machine

With 15 customized automatic programs you can make anything from gluten-free bread to pizza dough all with the push of a button.

Buy it: $160, at Amazon

The BEAST Blender

The BEAST Blender

This high-quality blender makes blending your favorite foods as easy as ever. From soups to smoothies, the mix is perfect every time. (Not to mention it looks sleek and stylish on the countertop).

Buy it: $193 at The BEAST

Fritaire air fryer
Fritaire air fryer

Fritaire Air Fryer
Cooks easy and looks great on your countertop, Fritaire’s air fryer tops at 400F and is sure to provide crisp and evenly cooked meats time after time. It comes with a rotisserie for preparing small poultry and a tumbler for when it’s time to make crisp and crunchy fries. It also cleans in a snap with its unique self-cleaning glass bowl.

Buy it: $200, at

Espresso Machine

Espresso Works All in One
Enjoy barista-quality espresso in less than a minute in your own kitchen with this top-level all-in-one maker. This 7-piece model can brew one to two shots then steam and froth milk with its its built-in steam wand.

Buy it: $220, at

Carbon 8 water filter
Carbon 8

Carbon8 One-Touch

Here’s the newest and one of the newest  cleanest ways to enjoy sparkling water without wasting tons of plastic bottles. Just place your glass under the Carbon8, click and then immediately enjoy a crisp and sparkling water. The Carbon8 is self-sanitizing and its removable two-liter water tank can be stored in the refrigerator or refilled with cold water or even ice whenever you’re ready.

Buy it: $300, at

Pure Juicer

Pure Juicer

If you’re into juicing, this system is everything you need for quality taste and cleanup. This model not only looks sleep on your kitchen counter, it also contains plenty of power, featuring a hydraulic two-stage press with 2.5 tons of pressure as well as dishwasher-safe stainless-steel parts. Not only will it provide the highest yield and quality of any juicer on the market today, it’s equipped and powerful enough to even create your own blend of nut butters.

Buy it: $1,995, at