The new year is (just about) here, and if your resolution is to build that M&F-worthy physique once and for all, we’ve got the best way for you to make it happen in 2018. Along with IFBB physique superstar Ryan Terry‘s abs-shredding six-pack workout, we’ve also got a collection of muscle-building and body-chiseling tips, tactics, and strategies from our stable of fitness experts that you can start putting to work for a physique more like the ones you’ll find inside this issue of Muscle & Fitness.  

Our 18 Ways to Dominate 2018 is just the beginning of an issue that’s packed with the best techniques, recipes, and workouts to make sure you start the new year off strong. For those of you looking to pump up your pecs for a more muscular chest, we’ve got a three-pronged approach to bench-press training, which targets power output, muscle gains, and peak strength. In just three weeks you’ll not only increase your chest circumference, but also boost your bench. And if it’s those ultimate show muscles you want to bust out with pride, our Level Up Biceps routine will help you craft some truly bodacious bi’s with a workout that tosses normal to the side and introduces a new, and painful, way to blow up your guns. 

Worried about the crowded gyms or lack of time to get in a good workout during the first month of the new year? Check out our results-oriented 10-minute workouts to ensure that you never miss a training beat. And if the same time-constraints affect your meal preparations, you’ll find the perfect recipe with our 15-minute muscle meals. With just a few simple ingredients, even the cooking adverse can easily whip up these quick and healthy muscle-building meals. 

The January issue also features top tips and training routines from a variety of athletes and celebrities for staying in optimal shape and performing your best. No matter what level of experience you have with the iron, you’ll be able to continue making gains in the gym and taking on the tough moves and workouts you’ll find each month in Muscle & Fitness.

You’ll discover all this as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get you bigger, leaner, stronger, and feeling your best this winter. Don’t miss the January issue of Muscle & Fitness on newsstands today!

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