2007 Sacramento Pro Men
Competitor List and Gallery Links

1) Eryk Bui
2) Omar Deckard
3) Kris Dim
4) Moe Elmoussawi
5) Aiman Faour
6) Toney Freeman
7) Ahmad Haidar
8) Marcus Haley
9) Rod Ketchens
10) Rusty Jeffers
11) Silvio Samuel
12) Roc Shabazz
13) Daniele Seccarecci
14) Sergey Shelestov
15) Joel Stubbs
16) Clifton Torres
17) Hidetada Yamagishi

Men’s Comparisons Gallery

Women’s Bodybuilding
Competitor list and gallery links

1) Angela Debatin
2) Cathy Lefrancois
3) Gayle Moher
4) Vicki Nixon
5) Antoinette Norman
6) Carla Salotti

6) Women’s Lightweight Comparisons


10) Irene Anderson
11) Helen Bouchard
12) Heather Foster
13) Aurelia Grozajova
14) Mah-Ann Mendoza
15) Kim Perez
16) Heather Policky
17) Brenda Raganot

6) Women’s Heavyweight Comparisons

He wasn’t as sharp as he was a week before, but Toney Freeman‘s stellar “X” frame was enough to get him the nod at the 2007 Sacramento Pro over hard – charging Silvio Samuel. Freeman, who won the Ironman Pro February 17 to kick off the IFBB season, has, in the course of a year, gone from a bodybuilding journeyman to a legitimate top-tier contender with three pro titles to his credit.

Meanwhile, Samuel, unfairly overlooked during an Ironman that was almost bereft of prejudging callouts, this time benefited from a judging panel who made sure everyone got their due in the comparison round. The 31-year-old Spaniard has unarguably been the biggest surprise to emerge in 2007 – while he showed promise in prior competitions, he never quite hit his peak. Now working with Milos Sarcev, Samuel is a superstar in the making.

In third was another victim of the Ironman judging – Japan’s Hidetada Yamagishi, who in the process got that all-important Olympia nod, leaving Florida resident Ahmad Haidar on the outside looking in. Hopefully, Haidar can earn an invite to the O in an upcoming show – the ultra-symmetrical Lebanese lion deserved better than he got the past two weeks.

Rounding out the top five, and repeating his placing of seven days before, was Marcus Haley, despite the fact he improved greatly over the course of a week and had a crowd-favorite pop-and-lock posing routine.

On the women’s side, Heather Policky, 2006 USA heavyweight and overall champ made the most of her pro debut, winning the heavyweight and overall title over lightweight champ Antoinette Norman. Once again, as was a pattern last year in women’s bodybuilding events, the judging panel rewarded mass, as Policky had size and cuts in spades. Norman, meanwhile, has a beautifully aesthetic physique, and should routinely be finishing near or at the top at any show she enters. Policky and Norman are both on their way to the Arnold Classic, where they’ll face off again among a host of top pros.

For a complete recap of the prejudging and final rounds, visit the flexonline contest blog at “http://updates.mrolympia.com/” http://updates.mrolympia.com/. And be sure to tune in next week to the free Arnold Classic webcast, presented live by bodybuilding.com and flexonline.com – can Dexter Jackson defend his Arnold title, or will he be knocked off the throne by Victor Martinez, Toney Freeman, Branch Warren, Phil Heath, or any one of the other high-caliber bodybuilders headed to Columbus, Ohio? The action starts Saturday afternoon, March 3.

2007 Sacramento Pro Finals

February 24, 2007
Sacramento, California

Men’s Bodybuilding Results

1) Toney Freeman
2) Silvio Samuel
3) Hidetada Yamagishi
4) Ahmad Haidar
5) Marcus Haley
6) Kris Dim
7) Moe Elmoussawi
8) Joel Stubbs
9) Omar Deckard
10) Daniele Seccarecci
11) Rusty Jeffers
12) Sergey Shelestov
13) Roc Shabazz
14) Aiman Faour
15) Eryk Bui
16) Rod Ketchens
17) Clifton Torres

Women’s Bodybuilding Results


1) Antoinette Norman
2) Cathy LeFrancois
3) Vicki Nixon
4) Gayle Moher
5) Angela Debatin
6) Carla Salotti


1) Heather Policky
2) Kim Perez
3) Brenda Raganot
4) Mah-Ann Mendoza
5) Helen Bouchard
6) Heather Foster
7) Irene Anderson
8) Aurelia Grozajova