Derek Lunsford placed second at the 212 Olympia in both 2018 and 2019 after an impressive fifth-place debut in 2017. The first time he was runner-up, Lunsford was up against the virtually unbeatable Flex Lewis, who retired from the 212 division that year after seven consecutive wins. In 2019, Kamal Elgargni emerged victorious after a third-place finish the previous year. Lunsford now has his sights set on the Mr. Olympia title that has so far eluded him.

It’s been a quick rise to the top for 27-year old Lunsford and one to be proud of, but he doesn’t plan on missing out on first place this time. Elgargni and Lunsford will share the stage yet again at the 2020 Olympia weekend this December. And in this dynamic division, you never know who will take the top spot.

In a recent Instagram Live interview with Olympia Associate Producer Cayden Riley (check it out here on the Olympia’s Instagram page), Lunsford opened up about his tough loss in 2019, the soul-searching he did afterward, and how he’s training to bring his best physique to the stage at the 2020 Olympia.

Keep reading for some of the highlights.

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