Derek Lunsford is considered to be one of the favorites, if not the favorite, to win the Olympia 212 Showdown in Las Vegas next month. The title was last held by Flex Lewis, who retired from that division to move on to the Open in 2020.

If Lunsford becomes the man that follows Lewis as 212 champion, it would be fitting because the impact that he has made in such a short time is comparable to Lewis’s rise. The Indiana native won the NPC USAs in 2017 and immediately won his pro debut in Tampa the next weekend. He would follow that with a fifth-place finish at the Olympia that same season.

In 2018, he pushed Lewis for the title before Flex left Las Vegas with his seventh consecutive, and final, championship. Lunsford placed second. Now his sights are set on that No. 1 spot, and if his Instagram is any indication of how hard his training is, he’s leaving no stone unturned and no rep incomplete.

Rising IFBB Pro League Star, Derek Lunsford

Rising IFBB Pro League Star, Derek Lunsford

The shoulder workout that landed him in the top 5 in his first 212 Olympia.

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