Dexter Jackson may be nearing 50, but his body is seemingly ageless. If you want proof, just head on over to Instagram, where “The Blade” regularly shares videos of himself hitting the iron.

In a recent post, he’s leg pressing 10 plates on each side during what we can only guess was a brutal leg workout. Check it out below:



In the post, he offered some advice to fans in the comments, answering questions about his training.

“No supersets,” he told one. “Stay heavy for the fullness and my diet does the cutting.” He also clarified that the block placed behind his back in the video prevents his tailbone from rounding during the movement. 

Jackson is coming off a milestone win at the 2019 Tampa Pro, the last big IFBB Pro League competition ahead of the Olympia. As a former Mr. Olympia (2008), he would’ve been qualified for this year’s show without the points or pro show win that a typical competitor needs to qualify, but the 49-year old’s Tampa Pro victory marked his 29th IFBB Pro League win—a new record.

At this point, The Blade has three more wins than Ronnie Coleman, who set the record at 26 back in 2004. And as if the new record isn’t enough, Jackson is aiming for 30 wins to round out his resume. Many agree that he looks the best he has in years, and some fans are wondering if the 2019 Olympia could be the win he desires. A shaken up field of competitors means this year’s winner is anyone’s guess, and Jackson is clearly looking to bring his best to the stage this September.

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