Every year, the Olympia is the pinnacle event for bodybuilding and fitness. If you are into the iron game, you owe it to yourself to make the journey to this spectacle.

But living this life is more than just about watching – it’s about doing. And at the 2022 Mr. Olympia weekend, you can now do that more than ever.

This year, the Olympia has teamed up with the #1 sport science company in the industry, Dominate Your Game®, to bring you Olympia University. We sat down with the director of the event, Dr. Michael Palmieri, to gain some insight on the program for that weekend:

Dr. Palmieri, can you give the readers a bit of history on Olympia University?

Absolutely. People in the fitness industry have always been about looking for improvement, whether for themselves or for a client. However, since the lockdown, that improvement has gained a whole new dimension: self-education. The Olympia recognized this need, and brought us on board.

In what way?

Our company has a history of helping athletes of all types reach their performance goals, while at the same time providing research and education to the people who need it; whether the general population or practitioners, we get them the info.

And how does that apply to the Mr. Olympia Weekend?

We want to provide Olympia attendees real-world information that is backed by legit, in the trenches research, not just gossip from the internet. This is honest, applicable stuff people can take home and use immediately.

So, what are some examples of the kind of seminars you have?

We don’t just hit one subject or another, but we get the top speakers in the industry from a wide variety of topics, so there is something for everyone: the iron sports, strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, rehabilitation, fitness & health, and more. Some workshops include: Insulin manipulation for performance; Hypertrophy training for after an injury; and Habits of success. We even have special seminars being put on by Renaissance Periodization and NASM. Plus, a competition prep clinic, and even a huge TRT/HRT/Supplements roundtable!

Wow! This all sounds so amazing. How does someone get more information or register?

They can go to olympiauniversity.com for both. And registration for Olympia University is all inclusive. In other words, there are no separate costs for different workshops, or some are included while others are not. In addition, if the Olympia attendee is in need of CEUs, we are offering up to 15 contact hours for personal trainers, coaches, clinicians, etc., at no extra cost And, until December 9th, 2022, readers can get an additional 15% discount on the registration cost by using code MRO2022 at check out.

Fantastic. Can’t wait for that weekend!

Me either. See you in Vegas!

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