While many healthy folks have used their time in quarantine to buy booze, rally against being stuck in quarantine, and eat everything that isn’t nailed down en route to packing on the Covid 15, former Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia has hit the gym. Hard.

During his 19-year pro baseball career with the Indians, Brewers, and Yanks, Sabathia was a World Series champ (’09) and a Cy Young winner (‘07), and he struck out more than 3,000 batters. So, yeah, the dude was a hell of a pitcher; he just wasn’t exactly known for his svelte physique. Thankfully, the uniform helped him hide some of the 300-plus pounds; after all, it’s horizontal stripes that can make you look heavier.

Granted, Sabathia, now 39, had issues that played a role in his weight fluctuations: a battle with alcoholism that landed him in rehab (2015), recurring knee injuries and surgery (2016), and even a blocked artery (2018). This is also the same guy who used to eat an entire box of Cap’n Crunch in one sitting.

But after adopting a vegan diet a couple of years ago and crushing the weights while shuttering in place, Sabathia is rocking his summer body.

On top of that, he’s been helping raise money with the “All in Challenge” to raise funds for people affected by Covid-19.

Shedding baby fat and raising awareness for a good cause. Now that’s what we call a home run! (Yes, we hate ourselves for that joke.)