Speculation, myths, and assumptions abound when it comes to fitness and training, but it’s nothing compared to the fallacies that get thrown about on the topic of bodybuilding nutrition, specifically as it pertains to fat burning. One self-proclaimed diet guru will tell you that carbs act a certain way in the body, while another, equally “qualified” nutrition expert will directly contradict that. The fact is, the science around nutrition is constantly evolving. Eggs were once considered terrible for you, now they’re a nutritional powerhouse. Coconut oil had a short-lived run as the new superfood, but now research has begun to cast some doubt on that claim. 

At some point, you have to set the record straight and debunk all the nutritional myths floating around out there. Here’s the catch: Some of those so-called myths are actually true. But which ones? To help you make sense of all the confusing rhetoric going back and forth, we’ve compiled 10 of the most common fat-burning “facts” and determined if they’re truly fact or complete fiction.