For Brandon Hendrickson, three-time winner of the Men’s Physique Division, and the 2021 Olympia, it was all about his family, friends, and the fellowship he’s created over his bodybuilding career.

“We did it yall! To be honest, it hasn’t really hit me what exactly’s all going so fast..sometimes I stop and think, I REALLY DID THAT?!???????? Like I said before, I’m just a vessel being used by God to give testament to hard work, consistency, patience, and never giving up! I dedicate this win to my late granny Vero, I felt her in spirit the entire prep..

I want to thank my family, my lady @baabimanu for being there even when things aren’t always easy, I love you babe❤️ my coach @neil_yoda_hill1 for his guidance, coaching, mentoring and friendship..shout out my sponsors for your support @darcsport @yamamotonutrition @celsiusofficial @megafitmeals @schieksportsinc @jan_tana_international @fatgripz !!! What an amazing event and weekend here in Orlando @mrolympiallc @dansolomon_official @jake_wood_media @tamerelguindy !! Big shout my training partners @g_motivatedfit @edw_wang !

I’ve made my dream reality and I’m just so grateful and happy to represent the league as the face of Men’s Physique! Few days off then back to work cuz you know, WAVES DONT STOP ✍????????????????????‍♂️????

STAY READY, STAY WAVY, period✍????”

Legendary Bodybuilder Lee Haney as the 2021 Mr. Olympia ambassador


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