Last Saturday’s Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship was argued by many to be the toughest show outside of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in terms of depth and the condition of the top five. Fans should prepare for a repeat as almost the entire lineup in Tampa will take their talents to Dallas for the Europa Super Show promoted by Ed and Betty Pariso.

Sean Allen: His height will help him onstage against some of the smaller (in height) bodybuilders, but Toney Freeman and Shawn Rhoden are over six feet and have more density and conditioning that Allen. Allen will have his ork cut of for him because this is basically a repeat of last week’s line-up and it was tough to get in that top five.

Grigori Atoyan: Atoyan is a very complete bodybuilder. Everything he has is developed and in pretty good proportion. Conditioning is his biggest weakness and while he placed top five at the Chicago Pro in July, this lineup brought the heat last week in Tampa in terms of conditioning.

Troy Alves: Alve’s conditioning and structure is a strong point. When in shape, he can hang with the best of them onstage. He seems to get better with age also. However he still doesn’t get very tight in the glutes and hams and holds a bit of water in the back. Even with that, he’s still a threat for a top placing in Dallas.

Pablo Ayala Zayas: Zayas was not lacking for muscle anywhere and displayed good conditioning. His waist line was an issue though and that threw off an otherwise impressive physique.

Lee Banks: Banks pushed his way into the top five with a great structure, full muscle bellies and an improved lower body. Add that to improved conditioning and you have a formula for success. The question is can he repeat that in Dallas?

Adorthus Cherry: A good x-frame bodybuilder that suffers from conditioning problems. He missed the mark in Chicago, but since turning over the reigns to George Farah, it appears he will hit his peak. He’s another complete guy from head to toe. if his conditioning is on, he could upset some people.

Brandon Curry: Brandon improved at the night show in Tampa from what he showed in prejudging. If he can bring what he brought at the night show in Tampa to prejudging in Dallas, then he could break the top five. He has it all, just needs to be tight and shredded.

Wendall Floyd: He wasn’t out of shape in Tampa, just outsized. He will need to put on size in order to be a factor in shows going forward.

Toney Freeman: It was the best Freeman since his top five finish in the 2008 Mr.Olympia. Freeman could’ve been first last week with no complaints. He looked extremely good. He stays full and tight, he will be fighting for that top spot.

Todd Jewell: He came in great condition. Better than what he displayed when he won the nationals. He didn’t look out of place up there at all and made top 15 in his pro debut. Will he be able to do the same with a few other names added to the mix? We’ll see.

Jeff Long: Long has been called a mini Jay Cutler because of the similar physiques, but Long has yet to make major noise at the pro level. He has size, he just needs to come in prime condition. If not, he may get lost as this is an outstanding lineup.

An Nguyen: A solid placing at his pro debut in Chicago, Nguyen looks to improve that placing and push into the top spots again.  Nguyen put in some good work since last years Nationals when he won his pro card. He’s another pretty complete bodybuilder but needs to be tighter. He will be one of the thicker guys in the lineup also. Look for him to possibly upset some guys.

Ed Nunn: Ed Nunn can stand toe to toe with Rhoden and Freeman. If he’s in shape, he can be one to walk away with the title in Dallas. He has slowly filled out his frame and made his presence felt at the pro level. he could stand to put on more muscle overall, but he hasn’t been onstage since the Olympia, so he could’ve very well done that.

Shawn Rhoden: Although he won in Tampa, Rhoden should not rest. He could lose to either Freeman or Nunn if he is not careful. His strength is his overall symmetry and flow. He could stand to be a touch drier, but he that’s being extremely critical. If he keeps everything together, he may nab the title Saturday.

Keith Williams: Jewell and Williams played it smart by going on to Dallas and seeing exactly where they stack up again. Williams looked better onstage than when he turned pro in New Jersey. His shape is a bit of a weakness, but he has improved it. As long as he stays in condition and adds muscle, he will be fine over the long haul.

Roelly Winklaar: He was one of the favorites going in but faltered a bit once prejudging in Tampa rolled around. Roelly has to stay full to show the full effect of his physique and if he isn’t then he is a bit underwhelming. His arms are still some of the craziest in sport today besides Phil Heath’s. A full and tight Roelly is a competitive Roelly.

Hidetada Yamagishi: Tight, full and round, this was the best Hide to date. He didn’t give up much to the bigger guys and held his own onstage. Dennis James called Hide “A true giant killer” because of his ability to make bigger bodybuilders look small. While he didn’t outsize the likes of Freeman, Winklaar and Rhoden, he didn’t look tiny next to them. Look for Hide to be in the mix come Saturday.

Dallas looks to be another highly competitive show with over half the line up from Tampa coming and some other competitors who competed in Chicago and have had extra time to get ready. This contest will be a “slobber knocker” with numerous heavy hitters in attendance. Watch and follow us on twitter at @Flex_Magazine to keep up with all the action in Dallas.

IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas 2012

IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas 2012