Dexter Jackson has two of the highest-caliber guns ever flexed on a stage, but if you’re looking for the key to bulbous biceps here, the secret is, there is no secret. He does the same things most every other bodybuilder does for moderate volume and moderate reps. A typical routine consists of EZ-bar preacher curls, seated alternate dumbbell curls, and one-arm machine curls, all for four sets of eight to 10 reps. “There are a lot of different ways to do a curl with free weights and machines,” he says.

His workouts might include a few forced reps and perhaps some supersets, but mostly he performs straight sets. The one constant is quality reps. He doesn’t cheat, and he knows exactly how to maximize the tension on the targeted muscles from stretch to contraction, rep after rep.

Keep reading for six more tips from the former Mr. Olympia, plus five moves that are staples in his workout regimen. 

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