Giant Guns

Juan Morel's high-rep arm workout for diesel arms.


Per Bernal

Morel’s typical triceps/biceps routine consists exclusively of supersets and high volume. But every month or so, he switches up his arm workout and sticks to straight sets on every exercise with lower volume (roughly half the number of sets as usual), short rest periods, and high reps. The routine at right is an example of this. “I like doing this workout every once in a while,” says Morel. “It’s very effective. Pushing every set for 20 reps or so and taking less rest sometimes feels just as hard as doing the supersets with more volume. The muscles get extremely fatigued and burned out.

“I think for arms, because they’re such small muscles and they get utilized when doing back, chest and shoulders, you need to go a little lighter, control the weight, and keep rest periods short. I had lagging arms at one point, and the way I made them grow was by taking shorter breaks and just getting as much blood into the muscles as possible. Make your arms look double the size while you’re training—that’s how sick of a pump you want to have.” 

Per Bernal


START Attach a V-handle to a high pulley cable. Stand facing the weight stack and grab the bar with an overhand grip. Begin with your forearms just above parallel with the floor and your elbows in close to your sides.

EXECUTION Keeping your elbows in, contract your triceps to extend your elbows until your arms are straight. At the bottom, squeeze your triceps, then slowly raise your hands back to the start position.

MOREL SAYS “I like keeping the elbows pointed toward the oor the whole time on these. Some people let the weight pull their elbows up at the top of the rep so it ends up being somewhat of a swinging motion. When you do that, the shoulders get involved. I don’t like my elbows to move at all during the set; I want my upper arms to be stationary to keep constant tension on the triceps.” 

Slow and controlled is the name of the game. Morel focuses on the squeeze to make sure his triceps are doing all the work to get the most out of this standby move. 


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