25 Tips for Getting Huge

How to get big from the biggest bodybuilders in the game.


This is big— really, really big. We’ve compiled mass-making advice from 25 of the largest bodybuilders who ever tested the limits of a posing dais. The amateur superheavy- weight division consists of competitors who weigh more than 225. To make our honor roll, these pros each competed at 250-plus, and some topped 300. These are bodybuilding’s super-duper-heavyweights, and they’ve got a lot to say about sizing up. 


“I’d say the most important thing is getting all your meals in. You have to stick to a schedule to make sure you eat at least six high-protein meals every day. The easiest way to do this is to prepare your meals in advance so you just need to microwave them and eat.”—Dallas Mccarver


“I do a lot of exercises. The bigger the body part, the more exercises I do. So for back and legs, I might do eight exercises each per workout. Sometimes I’ll only do two sets of an exercise, but by getting in so many different exercises I’m able to hit big body parts from a lot of different angles and make sure I’m growing all the different muscles and areas of muscles. Most of the time I get more out of doing two sets of two exercises than four sets of one.”—Art Atwood


“One major mistake that most bodybuilders make is to increase training volume over time, feeling that this is how ‘advanced’ people should train. The problem is that even as you grow bigger and stronger, your ability to recover never improves much. And because you’re able to work your muscles heavier and harder, they need less exercise and more recovery time. Most people get this exactly wrong.” —Dorian Yates


“I don’t commit to a workout plan. Instead, I wait to see how my pump tells me to train on that day. Sometimes I get my best pump with four or six maximum- weight reps. At other times, the best pump might take 10 or more reps. Always, I try to get my best pump with the heaviest weight and lowest reps. That’s hard to do, but it stimulates the fastest growth.” —Markus Rühl


“I do my best growing only training four days a week. I’ll do chest and triceps on Monday, quads and hams on Tuesday, delts and traps on Thursday, and back and biceps on Friday. It means my workouts last longer than when I train six days per week and hit most body parts alone. But it also means I have three days every week that I don’t go to the gym. I think of those as my ‘grow days’— those days that I’m eating and resting but not training.” —Roelly Winklaar


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