Victor Martinez Gunning for 2013 New York Pro

This will be the first time Victor Martinez will have stepped on stage in about 18 months


Looking for that Olympia qualification, Victor is gunning for a win at the 2013 New York Pro. If you watch the above video, Victor immedialty comes out and announces that he will be competing in 2013, and the New York Pro will be his re-debut contest after an 18 month hiatus.

The others on stage immediatly threw their hats in the ring for the New York Pro, so expect Kevin English, Juan Morel, Guy Cisternino, and Jon Delarosa in addition to Victor Martinez.

I don't know about you all, but this will be a great competition to attend!

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I was there when Victor Martinez blew everyone away at the 2007 Arnold Classic. Everything was ticking like a finely tuned machine. Martinez, coupled with nutrition guru Chad Nicholls was unstoppable.

Martinez went on to compete at the 2007 Olympia and challenged Jay Cutler to the very end but came up a bit short placing second. It could have gone either way. There was a lot of commentary that Victor was spot on, Jay Cutler was off, but the incumbent was given the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, that was the last time Victor peaked. From then on a string of bad luck brought down the number two bodybuilder to a humbling new low.

From Wikipedia:

In January 2008, Martínez underwent surgery to repair his left patellar tendon which ruptured while he was performing warm-up lunges. Due to the severity of the injury, he was unable to compete in either the 2008 Arnold Classic or 2008 Mr. Olympia contests.


On July 2009, Martínez's sister Eridania Rodríguez, disappeared from work at a NY skyscraper under mysterious circumstances. Her body was found four days later inside of a ventilation shaft on the floor where she was working. Joseph Pabon, a handyman working in the building, was convicted of her murder on April 2, 2012.


Martínez competed in the 2009 IFBB Arnold Classic placing 2nd.


Martínez was co-owner of the Muscle Maker Grill in Edgewater NJ and is the spokesperson for the franchise as a whole. He lost the business due to being incarcerated for more than six weeks for immigration violations.


IFBB Pro Victor Martinez was arrested on returning to the U.S. on October 9, 2011, after winning the Arnold Europe in Madrid, Spain. His permanent resident card had expired and, due to his criminal record, it was not renewed. Instead, he was sent to a detention center in New Jersey to await a deportation hearing that could have sent him back to his native Dominican Republic. He was denied bail. A few of the documents were not in order, and his final hearing was postponed until April 2012. He was held at the Hudson County Correctional Facility in South Kearny, NJ.


On April 27, Martinez returned to court and was released from jail and permitted to remain in the US.

I've been looking for Victor's return to the bodybuilding stage. Last I spoke with him, his demons have been expelled, he's in a good mind set and is ready to get back on stage to kick some ass. Martinez has that frame that carries mass aesthetically well and is accentuated by a small waist and joints.

But is it too late for the Dominican? Time's ticking and Martinez is not getting any younger. While away on his odyssey, a young man by the name of Phil Heath did what Victor couldn't do - defeat Jay Cutler. Now Victor has to climb his way back up to the top and not only battle Jay Cutler again, but also battle 2x Mr Olympia for the 2013 Mr Olympia title.

The 2013 Bodybuilding Season has just become more interesting.