On Monday, supermodel Ashley Graham posted an Instagram video of herself working on her booty with some bridges—something we’re all entitled to do, especially since 2017 has pretty much been the unofficial Year of the Booty.

Apparently, the haters and body shamers never sleep, because they’re posting on her videos 24/7 despite the overwhelmingly positive, inspirational messages that Graham shares with her followers. In the same day, Graham felt that a comeback was in order and posted some of the hateful comments made on her workout post alongside an inspirational message for her fans and haters alike. Look what you made her do.

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In response to comments like “You still need your fat to be a model,” Graham pointed out that she works out to “stay healthy, feel good, and stay flexible & strong,” among plenty of other relatable reasons—not to lose weight or her (gorgeous) curves.

It says a lot that these Instagram haters still have to learn that losing weight is not the only reason to work out, and that regardless of your size, it’s just good for you.

Graham’s final message for ignorant Instagram commenters? “I love the skin I’m in.” And we agree, Ash, you’re beautiful just the way you are, so keep workin’ it!

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