Katie Sonier isn’t your average personal trainer. While she agrees that weight training is very important, she believes that flexibility is imperative if your goal is to build muscle and reduce injury.

Why is flexibility important, you ask. According to Sonier, “With greater flexibility comes greater range of motion. Greater range of motion means you’re moving better/more efficiently. And that means you’re optimizing your training…meaning more gains and less risk of injury.”

In the video below, Sonier is seen putting her flexibility to work as she performs a set of barbell overhead reverse lunges then drops right into a split and performs a set of barbell overhead presses. This move was unexpected, but most of all, über impressive. 

Disclaimer: We wouldn’t recommend trying this move unless you’re a super-agile pro.

Sonier is an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer based out of Miami, FL. She is an alumnus of the University of Florida, where she got her bachelors in kinesiology. 

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