Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes is known for having a slender, sexy body, with long, lean muscles and a sculpted booty. She frequently shares snippets of her workouts with her followers on social media, and recently, she posted a portion of her butt-centric lower-body routine.

In the videos above (click through to see all three videos), Tookes gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her workout with The Dogpound gym owner Kirk Myers, who is known for working with other top models and actresses like Adriana Lima and Shay Mitchell. 

The first exercise in her routine is the weighted glute kickback, which she performs with weights around the ankles. Next up is the resistance band side step. She performs these one side at a time at a decently fast pace to activate the hip abductors and glutes. Lastly, she performs kettlebell squats on a bench, which allows her to get a deeper squat. To do this, set up two weight benches side-by-side and stand on top. Be sure that the benches are far enough apart to perform a sumo squat. Squat down, bringing the kettlebell below feet-level. On the way up, contract your glutes at the top

And there you have it; you’re now on your way to a Victoria’s Secret model’s body.