With powerlifters in the world like Larry Wheels, Amanda Lawrence, and even Hafthor Bjornsson, it’s near impossible to set yourself apart within the community. That being said, it’s an obvious sign that powerlifter Jessica Buettner is hauling some serious weight if she’s gaining this much traction. The 24-year-old has already claimed three 72kg junior women’s world records, all at the 2018 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, according to sources. Her finishing numbers at the competition included a 181.5kg (400 lbs) squat, 227.5kg (501 lbs) deadlift, and a 504kg (1,111 lbs) total with her bench press numbers included. Although she’s no longer a junior competitor, to this point her career is off to an amazing start. 

As you’d expect, these monumental numbers don’t appear without a miraculous amount of practice and hard work in the gym that she often showcases on her Instagram. Her Instagram page is filled with videos of her hauling incredible amounts of weight with meticulous form. 

In addition to social media, you can watch her here, as she’s competing at the World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2019.