Online health and fitness blogger Chrissy King stepped up the challenge of Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, who sparked a body positivity movement with her epic selfie. Galbraith posted a photo of herself in a tank top and underwear in her natural element—curves, cellulite, and all. Below, King talks about her training and her thought on women’s body image. 

3 philosophies from a pro

1. King typically trains five days a week. For powerlifting, she uses a periodized training program; however, when she’s pressed for time she also does metabolic conditioning circuits. “Society undervalues and even frowns upon women having muscles, owning their power, and being proud of the bodies they create. My broad, defined shoulders and large, muscular legs didn’t come by accident; it was an act of intention.”

2. “Be kind to yourself, be patient, and focus on the ‘non-scale’ victories: You are getting stronger, and your energy levels are improving every week.”

3. “My mantra is ‘More, Not Less.’ I focus on showing up as more in the world: more confidence, strength, self-love, gratitude, abundance, muscles, and authenticity; more owning my power; and more believing that the universe has my back. I am unapologetic about taking up space.”