It never fails—whether you’re traveling by bus, train, car or plane, a snack attack is almost inevitable. Do you grab a bag of chocolate candies, chips, or a popular candy bar and a cola? That seems to be the go-to for many Americans, but those snacks only leave you craving more sugary treats. Before you know it, you’ve consumed hundreds of empty sugary calories that aren’t doing your physique any favors. This not only threatens your waistline, but can also leave you feeling guilty about making poor choices.

If you know that travel is on horizon why not be prepared? You pack your suitcase with the clothes and supplies you’ll need for your trip, so why wouldn’t you prep the snacks you’ll need as well? With so many different stylish freezer and cooler bags available, it might be time to indulge. Packing up your snack bag as you would your suitcase makes perfect sense. When your snack attack rages–and believe us, it will–you will be ready. You’ll have one of these nutritious and satisfying snacks on hand that will leave you feeling fuller for longer while providing energy. Even better, all that hard work you did in the gym before your vacation or travel won’t be ruined en route by making poor snack choices.

Here are 12 healthy satisfying snack ideas that are easy to prepare and transport.