Remember when muffin tops were a good thing? It meant you got to nibble the firmest part of a delicious muffin.

Now, though, “muffin top” represents that flab and fat that hangs over your waistband, from the front belly to the side of your pants—even the fat that can creep over the back of your pants. Unless you can tuck all that jelly into a pair of high-waisted jeans, these probably aren’t the curves you want to show off on your figure.

Luckily, by following a clean diet and doing a combo of cardio and strength exercises, you can lose fat all over and minimize that muffin top overhang.

“I’d recommend cardio exercise to help target that core area,” says Liz Josefsberg, CPT, author of Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps (BenBella Books, December 19, 2017). “I’d suggest running, always. If you can’t run, try fast walking, because you’re twisting that abdomen area. Kickboxing would also be good for targeting that area,” says Josefsberg.

Remember: You can’t spot-reduce fat from one area of your body—you have to burn it all over. These exercises will burn calories and sculpt the muscle underneath excess fat; combine them with a clean nutrition plan and smart weight-loss plan to see that belly fat vanish.

Here are our top trainers’ tips for shredding belly fat, trimming your waist, and turning that muffin top into a flat stomach in no time.