Focus on: Building Muscle and losing fat

Time frame: 10 weeks

You’ve built up a strong foundation; now comes the main part of your competition training. You should plan on beginning this phase about 10 weeks out from your show date. This phase encompasses more supersets to elevate your heart rate during training, so you can burn more fat while lifting. You’ll also be including compound movements to help create round muscles at a slightly higher intensity than Phase 1, says Dey. Plus, there’s a plyometric circuit once a week to get your heart pumping. Don’t worry—you can handle it! And once you’re ready, finish your transformation with Phase 3 here.


Day 1: Quads/Butt

Day 2: Shoulders/Chest

Day 3: Hamstrings/Plyos

Day 4: Back/Arms

Day 5: Butt/Abs