The Suitcase Workout to Keep You on Track While Traveling

All you need is your favorite carry-on to get in a quick and effective workout.

Travel Suitcase Workout
Courtesy of Reebok

Who wouldn't love the holiday season? It brings tons of cheer, plenty of great food, and time with family and old friends. But a lesser-anticipated part of the holidays is the inevitable travel time that wastes valuable time.

That's where Reebok trainer and Elite Les Mills Instructor Brooke Rosenbauer comes in. She's created a simple, yet effective workout for travelers that can be done with virtually no equipment—all you need for these moves is a carry-on suitcase, and you're good to go. Now you have no excuse not to get a workout in, inconvenient airport delays or not.

Check out Rosenbauer's moves below and keep your fitness routine on track, no matter what holiday travel woes come your way.


Complete 3 rounds, performing 8 reps of each of the movements demonstrated by Rosenbauer below.

Exercise 1: Burpee Jump Overs

Suitcase Burpee Jump Overs


Exercise 2: Hand Taps

Hand Taps


Exercise 3: Hip Thrusts

Suitcase Hip Thrusts


Exercise 4: Overhead Jumps

Suitcase Overhead Jumps


Exercise 5: Pushup Walkovers

Suitcase Pushup Walkovers


Exercise 6: Squat planks

Suitcase Squat Planks


Exercise 7: Suitcase Thrusters

Suitcase Thrusters


Exercise 8: V-Up Pass Throughs

V-Up Pass-Throughs


Exercise 9: Zen