Training for the Title

Professional surfers Courtney Conlogue and Coco Ho spend countless hours training in and out of the water. When it comes to on-land exercise, both women try to get to the gym as much as they can. “In the gym I’m usually advancing to new exercises or fine-tuning advancements of current exercises,” says Ho. “My training program supports my progression of surfing; it does not replace it.”

Conlogue spends five to seven days in the water and sees a trainer at the gym two to three times a week. The Tabata rounds she does increase her explosive endurance, which is key for torque and control on aggressive waves. “Crossovers build the core, snatches assist with power and strength, and battle ropes strengthen the shoulders and get the heart rate up,” says Conlogue of her land-based routine.

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Balance Equals Progress

Pro female surfers need incredible balance both on the board and off. “Surfing is all about balance—not just stability, but also nutrition, fitness, and recovery,” says Conlogue. “Each individual has a formula that allows her to perform at her best most of the time.”

Team Spirit

“The female camaraderie [on WCT] is really good because we grew up surfing and competing with one another, and now there are just 17 of us,” says Ho. Adds Conlogue, “Surfing is an individual sport, and we train and compete with great passion. We all have different processes, programs, coaches, and sponsors.” But at the end of the day, “We respect one another and find great joy in everyone’s success.”

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Sample Workout

Snatch: 8 reps, 6 sets

Crossover crunch with resistance: 20 reps, 6 sets

Tabata (20 sec. on, 10 sec. rest): 6-8 rounds (sample moves include using battle ropes balancing on a bosu, wide-open circles with battle ropes, and alternating waves with battle ropes)

Tire flip: 5 reps, 6 sets

Bosu box jump to medicine ball throw: 5 reps, 6 sets