Last year, M&F introduced readers to physicist-turned-nutritionist John Kiefer, the man who developed Carb Back-loading. This approach to gaining size while losing fat, which entails consuming most of your carbohydrates later in the day, and often in the form of so-called “junk food,” has become one of the hottest topics in sports nutrition.

M&F senior editor, Sean Hyson recently got Kiefer on the phone to clear up some of the misconceptions about his controversial plan, and get more specific advice on how to make it work under a variety of conditions. He also got Kiefer’s take on various other hot-button nutrition concerns. In this hour-long interview (which we have serialized into 19 separate episodes), we cover the following topics as they relate to carb back-loading.

Carb Back-loading Index

Episode 1: Fasting Before Morning Training 
Kiefer explains why this is the best way to go when training in the morning. 

Episode 2: Back-loading for Unusual Sleep Cycles
Find out how to adjust carb back-loading to comply with your sleep cycles.

Episode 3: A New Bodybuilding Diet 
Identify alternative foods to help you build muscle while staying lean. 

Episode 4: Back-Loading for Morning Training
Can’t work out at night? Hear what simple tweaks you can make if training in the early morning. 

Episode 5: Good Fats and Caffeine
Learn which healthy fats help to burn fat, and how caffeine can further boost fat burning results.

Episode 6: Bad Eggs
See where the danger of eggs comes from and how to control it. 

Episode 7: Post Workout Supplements
Discover the optimal mix for post-workout muscle growth, and a formula to follow when money and time are a factor. 

Episode 8: The Benefits of Omega-3s
How much fatty acid should you take, when, and what kind to achieve optimal muscle building results.  

Episode 9: Fast Food 
Kiefer reveals who can eat fast foods for better results, and who should stick with cleaner carb sources. 

Episode 10: Strength Gains, and Eating Plans 
When it comes to building strength, dieting can be tricky. Find the right balance of carbs to maximize your results.

Episode 11: Sugared Alcohols
See why turning to this source of carbs can be dangerous to your diet, and how sugar alcohols are metabolized. 

Episode 12: Artificial Sweeteners
Are these dangerous chemicals or appropriate alternatives to sugar? Keifer gives his take on Splenda and aspartame.  

Episode 13: Leucine
Is Leucine the next best thing? Find out more about this powerful BCAA. 

Episode 14: Artificial Sweeteners and Insulin
What you definitely need to watch out for when it comes to a specific sweetener, and its effect on your insulin.  

Episode 15: Post Workout Meals
Just how much, and what can you eat post-workout? 

Episode 16: Whey Protein
Could this source of protein be better than vegetables? Keifer gives his take on the subject.    

Episode 17: Protein Powder
This nutrition source is a no-brainer for any bodybuilder, but how do you find the best ones?  

Episode 18: Stopping Supplements
Keifer discusses how certain supplements affect your digestion, and whether or not to discontinue their use. 

Episode 19: Training Without Diet
Think working out hard is enough to lose fat and change your physique? Think again.  

See Sean Hyson’s transcript for part 1 of his interview with Keifer.

Pick up a copy of Carb Back-Loading 1.0, Kiefer’s e-book.