When bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are following a strict diet, the cravings for cheat foods become inevitable and overwhelming. As soon as you tell yourself that you’re not going to eat certain food, that’s when a hunger for that dish develops.

One of the most popular choices for many people is Mexican food. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have tortillas, burritos, or tacos without your macros being affected negatively? The Alcazar brothers felt the same way making it their goal to provide solutions and created low-carb tortillas and burritos making Mexican food healthier. The best part is that the taste isn’t sacrificed at all.

Founded by UCLA graduates Anthony and Ronald Alcazar, Mr. Tortilla’s mission is to create the world’s healthiest and best-tasting tortillas. “We founded Mr. Tortilla in San Fernando, CA, after seeing the need to create a healthy yet affordable tortilla for people, without sacrificing flavor,” their mission statement says. “Growing up in a Los Angeles, we were always used to the delicious taste of homemade tortillas and wanted to replicate that homemade taste in our tortillas,” said founders Anthony and Ronald Alcazar.

Shawn Ray and Missy Truscott posing for Mr. Tortilla at Olympia Weekend bodybuilding event
Courtesy of Mr. Tortilla

Their tortillas have been a hit for people who focus on keto and low-carb nutrition programs. They have even developed a 15-calorie, 1-net-carb taco tortilla that they are very proud of.

“We took everything into consideration when making this tortilla such as size, creating the perfect frying crunch, including the perfect amount of ingredients to create both a filling and delicious tortilla. It is the perfect healthy taco tortilla, allowing all of us to enjoy tacos without guilt!”

The success speaks for itself. They now have the No. 1 selling tortilla on Amazon, and they’re considered one of the fastest-rising companies in Southern California. They aren’t just resting on those accolades, either. One of their more anticipated products is The Healthier Burrito, a 12- to 13-inch tortilla made with organic Non-GMO flour, vegan, and kosher certified. Each tortilla has 17g of protein and 23g of fiber.

They go beyond making products. Their website even has built up an extensive recipe section sent in by its loyal customers. Some are quite creative, such as their Keto Choco Tacos or the Loaded Keto Steak Quesadilla. There is even a vegan, low-carb pizza recipe to try. There is a reason they have a community of almost 100,000 people on Instagram singing their praises. Among them is 2020 Fitness Olympia Champion Missy Truscott and Fitness Legend Shawn Ray.

With an emphasis on health combined with a focus on taste, it makes perfect sense that Mr. Tortilla is a proud sponsor of the 2021 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend. See why this company is growing at such a rapid rate for yourself by going to 1carb.com and following them on Instagram @MrTortilla. Receive weekly deals and 10% off your first purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter.

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