While too much alcohol is bad for our mental and physical health, there’s no doubt that drinking in moderation is a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed socially, or as an individual reward at the end of a long working day. It’s true that overindulging on beer will put you on the fast lane to losing gym gains, and making unwanted weight gain, but the rush you get from the opening of a can, or the froth that flows over the top a cold bottle that’s just been cracked open, are simple pleasures are difficult to eliminate. Fortunately, many studies suggest that one beer per day is not only permissible, but could actually improve our gut health, supercharge our immune system, and even lessen our chances or heart disease. So, if we are going to maintain our relationship with the humble hoppy stuff (and let’s face it, many of us are), then it’s important to embrace the benefits that can be achieved by drinking in moderation. So, M&F raises a glass to 10 different beers, both alcoholic (and under 4.5 abv) and non-alcoholic, to see how they might fit in with a balanced lifestyle.