Like taxes and Yankees postseason appearances, most of you take for granted what you put on your plates. Day in and day out, you devour copious amounts of pasta, chicken, and dairy, all in the name of more muscle and less flab. You probably think that tub of yogurt you lapped up for an afternoon protein jolt or the He-Man portion of pasta you sent down your gullet after tossing around the iron are model citizens with plenty of nutritional discipline. Thing is, like James Bond, many of these so-called “healthy foods” can have a hefty arsenal of secret weapons that strike a serious blow to your hopes of building a constitution like that of an M&F cover model.

Over the years, food manufacturers have done a wonderful job of nutritionally degrading many go-to bodybuilding staples, all in the name of profit and satiating our need for all things salty, sweet, and satisfying. To prevent you from falling prey to those sneaky, unscrupulous food demons, we’ve assembled 10 beloved power foods, and will show you how to turn them from physique-killers into physique-builders.