The holiday season just came to a close, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to keep treating yourself in the New Year. Instead of indulging in sugary treats and carbs galore, treat yourself by investing in your fitness. After all, what better way to spend your end-of-year bonus or the check your aunt slipped you after holiday dinner than on some new gear to kickstart your health

New year, new opportunity to drop some weight and get in shape. To assist with that noble endeavor is a bunch of shiny new gear for keeping those resolutions on track, from a smart scale and high-tech food scanner to an app that’ll make your grocery shopping easier—and healthier. 

If you want to start your new year off right, you’re going to need the right tech. From fitness equipment to nutrition assistance, you‘ll be seeing serious results with the most innovative fitness technology on the market. Because in the constant battle to keep the weight off, the holidays are your nemesis. But these weight loss-friendly gadgets might be your savior. Here are our top pieces of gear you’re going to want this year.