Lose Fat

A Social Butterfly's Guide to Keeping Your Diet in Check

How to defend yourself against nasty cravings that rear their heads in social situations.

The Dieters Guide to Wine for the Holidays
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Some friends and family members can bring out the worst in you, especially when it comes to tempting you to break your diet at gatherings. Being social and adhering to a healthy diet are both good qualities, so don't let them offset each other.

One easy way to tamp down cravings is to eat throughout the day. If you go into a party hungry, you're far more likely to faceplant into the fondue. Showing up with some food (and water) in your system will help you control your cravings.

When you do fuel up before a party, opt for foods that contain high amounts of fiber and healthy fats. Almonds, for example, contain plenty of both, and they'll help you feel full for far longer.

And don’t think of parties as the Last Supper—we eat and celebrate all year. Have a little bite of everything want so you can taste it, remember to savor it, and chew slowly.