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The Problem

With more responsibilities and more distractions grabbing our attention than ever before, it can be tough to stay focused on our goals and daily to-do lists. Our workouts, diets, and overall productivity suffer. To course correct, we guzzle coffee and down energy drinks reactively, without thinking how they interact or how much value they add to our lives. This is not a holistic, effective approach to increasing productivity and living a healthier lifestyle.

The Solution

PERFORMIX® SST, a best-selling product at GNC®*, contains a host of key ingredients designed to help you perform at your best all day long. While most brands that compete with SST focus solely on weight loss benefits, PERFORMIX SST has risen to the top by taking a more unique, holistic approach. In addition to accelerating your metabolism, SST also delivers lasting energy and enhanced focus, placing it in a league of its own.

Fuel Your Purpose

SST is an all-in-one solution to power your body and mind and increase daily productivity. A powerful blend of ingredients, including caffeine, TeaCrine® and Sensoril® provide a smooth, focused energy that allows you to crush your workday and workout. PERFORMIX SST also features Capsimax®, a naturally derived, active concentrate of natural capsaicin, the element of chili peppers that gives them their spice. Capsimax has been clinically proven to help you burn more calories each day.^

Courtesy of Performix

SST delivers its complex of premium ingredients via PERFORMIX’s TERRA Intelligent Dosing timed-release beadlets. Each TERRA bead features layers of active ingredients, with a specially formulated timed-release coating. This coating is designed to dissolve slowly to extend the benefits of key ingredients over time, helping you to power through your post-lunch slump and avoid a crash at the end of the day.

Take control of your day and and fuel your purpose with PERFORMIX® SST

The #1 selling product at GNC®*, NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AT WALMART® and CVS®

*Based on GNC® 2017 POS Data; ^In a placebo-controlled, crossover, open-label study, subjects taking 2mg capsaicinoids from Capsimax® daily, on average, burned 116 calories more than placebo due to an increase in resting energy expenditure.